With LIGHT and Love

Hello my community,

How are we doing today?

Spring is in the air and our days are getting longer; I am feeling a new breath of life inside of me and I am ready to start touching on elements that need tending or in some cases discovery. I truly believe that light brings awareness to things you weren't aware you had inside of you, or should I say things you were lacking. Having more light around us gives us the energy we so badly wanted in the winter months but wasn't able to harness. With this new energy, I am realizing how necessary those winter months were for my healing and self-preservation.

Of course, I didn't see it while I was in the dark.

I looked at myself this winter and saw a frustrated me trying to find the energy to produce, heal and inspire. I didn't see that I was truly working against the flow of nature and the season that I was in. I don't know if this is common for all of you, but I tend to keep reaching for the next instead of sitting in the now. If I saw what I do now; I would have acclimated to the dark a little more knowing that light is near, but the winter is time is for rest and steadiness.

Grief is sitting in that winter knowing spring will come. We need to honor the dark that we feel in grief and nurture that space as best we can instead of reaching outside of it and trying to avoid it. We can't make it shorter or eliminate it because it serves a purpose as we mourn the loss and acclimate to our new lives. There is a trust that needs to happen in the darkness and that is that we will feel the warmth of light again. This trust gives hope and with hope, we grow and love and live. The only way to navigate your grief cycle is through it and honoring what you need to make it on that journey. Trust that this is a natural and essential part of being human, just as the seasons are natural and essential to this earth. Here is to our well-deserved light.

I love you all.

With LIGHT & Love,


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