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Come Sit With Me

and get to know me

Welcome to the space that is an extension of my heart & soul. 

I am Ingrid and I am humbled that you have come here to explore your journey with me. I am a certified Death Doula and Grief Guide. I have walked closely with the veil of life and death since I was a small child. I have loved so deeply in my life and that resulted in many deep losses, the most deep loss being my dear Mother. Through her loss I saw the many holes that are in the end of life care process. So many of the logistics and hardships fall on the dying person, their family and their appointed care givers. Since our society is so divorced from the dying process we aren’t well versed on the support that we can have and that we DESERVE. My mother’s death showed me my calling and passion; which is guiding, supporting and advocating people along their end of life journey and in their post-loss life. 

I started my nurturing career as a nanny and then as a birth & abortion doula from there I navigated to the death doula space and went through a beautiful mentorship that shone light on my support strengths in this space; grief and loss. Throughout my many experiences of loss I have developed an intuitive process in my own grief. 

I use my own philosophy to help those who feel stuck or lost in their own grieving process. My philosophy on grief is that it’s a cycle. It’s not something that ends, it’s continuous throughout our human experience. I believe that it shows up in endless ways, constantly shapeshifting and adapting to our life's journey. If we ignore our grief it will show up in ways that can cause a lot of resistance and fear. If we accept it as part of our life, a part of our being we allow ourselves to have more empathy in this experience. We can create imprints of joy within the pain which will evolve into growth and healing. I am not here to eliminate the pain from this process because I believe it's a necessary component to grief, but I am here to let you know that behind that pain is joy. 

I look forward to holding your hand and sitting with you in your end of life journey and/or grieving journey. Thank you for sitting with me and getting to know me. 

All my love.

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