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A Death Doula is a support person who offers guidance and support to a dying person and their family in their end of life stages. They offer a wide variety of support including physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological. They can act as a bridge from Medical Care to End of Life care, working directly with doctors, nurses, social workers, hospice and funeral services. 

A Grief Guide is a support person who can sit with you in the exact space you’re in within your grieving journey. They are equipped to offer you one-on-one support, resources and tools to help you process and authentically move through your new post-loss life while simultaneously incorporating rituals that honor the grief you’re in. A guide can also connect you with communities that are experiencing a similar loss as you and are also versed in referring out when you may need more extensive support from a licensed professional. 

I define the word doula as: a person who provides guidance and support through major life transitions. I am a certified death doula and grief guide and I offer guidance and coaching services to those going through a hard time processing the logistics of death and also the loss in their life that they are experiencing or have experienced. I like to support people with one-on-one support, resources and community. I typically work with clients who are experiencing a loss of a life, but I also have worked with people going through job loss, relationship loss, pet loss and anticipatory grief (grieving loss that will come). I am coming from an experiential lens vs. clinical, but have the training and certifications to hold space in loss and end of life. I have lived a very close life to death and have experience with all types of death ranging from terminal illnesses like cancer and MS to suicide and most recently, deaths from COVID. I support each client based on my philosophy and training in compassionate death companioning and grief care. I am well versed in cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual afflictions in grief and introduce my clients to a wide variety of modalities and rituals to help them alleviate or lighten these afflictions. I incorporate community resources in my guidance, so each client has an outreach once they move on from my support and services. I focus on the continuation of life after loss and I help each client reconnect to what their post loss life and identity looks like and help them find interests, traditional and alternative, that align and support their new needs in this world after loss.